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A Hagiography of St. Zuck: Mark Zuckerberg’s Pre-IPO Canonization

Documents Concerning St. Zuckerberg of Palo Alto.
 A Hagiography of St. Zuck: Mark Zuckerbergs Pre IPO Canonization

Hoodie aficionado Mark Zuckerberg. (Getty)

Is Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie a “mark of immaturity” or his peculiarly Silicon Valley take on the robe and cowl, the garments of a cyber-saint?

Kvetching about the youthful Facebook C.E.O.’s casual approach to business wear when he has achieved huge success before his company even goes public is petty, but a quick survey of some positive pre-IPO coverage of Mr. Zuckerberg induces a bit of queasiness in anyone allergic to obsequiousness or hyperbole.

Two particularly sugary bites, with some added emphasis:

  • The New York Times profile of Mr. Zuckerberg by Evelyn Rusli, Nicole Perlroth and Nick Bilton is a mostly sober discussion of Mr. Zuckerberg’s maturation over time, but it contains the following  slice of treacle, which we kind of hope was intended to be tongue-in-cheek: “No one has more riding on this than Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, hero-villain of The Social Network, destroyer of worlds, devourer of time and, for better and worse, the latest in a line of revolutionaries stretching back to Gutenberg who have upended the way we communicate and think.”
  • Former Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. and CNBC contributor Carly Fiorina published “An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg” that borders on the unseemly. It was difficult to isolate one gooey passage in particular. This is as good as any: “You are a great entrepreneur who will now define and personify our ideal of American innovation. You have made history and changed history, not just on Wall Street but on streets around the world. You have altered everything from teenagers’ social lives to tyrants political calculations. […] None of us can imagine what it feels like to be you, which is one reason the cameras are ever-present and there will be more books and movies.”

Future generations may treasure bits of mystic St. Zuck’s Hoodie cloth in jewel cases. They might even pray over them for hearty harvests of “likes” and “shares” of their next paid highlight status. But Mr. Zuckerberg is only 28; he should have time to enjoy the fruits of his good work before falling prey to rabid hordes of holy relic collectors.

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