The Real Housewives of Facebook

Area Blogger Worried People Will Think Reality Show Is Real

Sarah Lacy explains how Randi Zuckerberg is the Worst Person on Earth for producing a show about Silicon Valley.
 Area Blogger Worried People Will Think Reality Show Is Real

Ms. Zuckerberg and Ms. Lacy (

From the steps of the moral high ground of Mt. PandoDaily comes a mighty proclamation: tech industry champion and PandoDaily founder Sarah Lacy is horrified that famous Facebook sibling Randi Zuckerberg has decided to do a reality show.

“I believe what Randi Zuckerberg has done to Silicon Valley in producing this TV show for Bravo is just unconscionable,” said Ms. Lacy, who has been known to be somewhat of a fameball herself. “I keep hoping to hear from her publicly that Bravo just utterly twisted her vision. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen her retweeting about it with glee and winky-faces and triple exclamation points.”

Guys, Silicon Valley is a really serious place where we do serious stuff like ride in fancy private planes and wait for hours in line to snag Apple products and generate earnest startup mashups. How dare Ms. Zuckerberg sully the Valley’s hardworking reputation with her Jersey Shore take on the precious tech lifestyle? It’s goddamn insulting.

Except, not really. For a little perspective: we’re talking about a reality show on Bravo, a genre that has never (not once!) inspired viewers to comment: “What an accurate and balanced documentary portrait! I now have holistic insight into everything that subject is about.”

We fear that Ms. Lacy, whose own ethically murky disclosures are apparently not a threat to the Valley’s integrity, may have mounted that ol’ high horse for naught. Not so deep down we all know that Bravo shows are meant to be entertaining trainwrecks, not intensive studies in cultural anthropology. After all, did people poo-poo the culinary industry following Top Chef, or stop getting their hair cut after Tabatha Takes Over? It’s not Silicon Valley that’s in danger of losing its credibility, it’s the actors and the producers involved with the show–and it’s going to be amazingly entertaining to watch.

Frankly, here at Betabeat, we can’t wait to break out the popcorn and watch all the drama unfold. Now who wants to make bets on which cast member will be the first to say, “I’m not here to make friends?”

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