New Startup Marketing Strategy: Get President Obama to Play With Your Ball

obama approved New Startup Marketing Strategy: Get President Obama to Play With Your Ball

Sphero, the slick robotic ball that can be controlled with your iOS mobile device, just announced the addition of two new apps, Chromo and Macrolab, before kicking off a national tour of hackathons to promote its SDK. Sphero is made by a company called Orbotix based out in Boulder. So why are we writing about it? Because earlier this week, Ross Ingram, Orbotix’s genius operations guy, managed to get President Obama to play with it.

Even better, Mr. Ingram, who accosted the POTUS while he was scheduled to speak at the University of Colorado, inspired the President to utter the following immortal words: “Excuse me, give me some space to drive my ball.” Something tells us Sphero will have an easier time getting people to come out for its tour now.

Of course, this approach works better if your product involves a shiny, scene-stealing robotic ball. (We can’t imagine getting as enthusiastic a response from the president for just by handing him any ole app.) But now that we’ve introduced you to this novel proximity-to-famous-people marketing strategy, have it. Just don’t plan on lurking outside “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” Something tells us he won’t be stopping by again for awhile.

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