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Looks Like Facebook Goes Public May 17

How will you be celebrating?
 Looks Like Facebook Goes Public May 17

Mr. Zuckerberg. (Facebook)

Mark your calendars, folks: Reports indicate Facebook goes public less than a month from today, on May 17.

Bear in mind that date isn’t ironclad, so don’t request a vacation day to watch the proceedings on CNBC or anything. The SEC still has to give the all-clear, and it’s always possible something crazy could happen in the next month. But TechCrunch is getting reports from multiple sources, and the date squares with previous scuttlebutt.

Sources also told TechCrunch to expect valuation around $100 billion, which would place shares around $40. By addressing concerns about mobile, the deal with Instagram might push that number even higher, to $104 billion (but who’s counting?). So just brace yourself for remarks that begin, “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?”

Betabeat speculates that somewhere, Sean Parker is planning the rager to end all ragers.


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