Pics or It Didn't Happen

Japan’s Instagram Alternative Taps Into Your Inner Tweenage Sticker Fiend

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Something tells us Buzzfeed Ben is not as smitten.

American audiences have discovered a Japanese version of Instagram called Pick and Buzzfeed is nearly beside itself with the possibilities. “I’m pretty sure I’m never switching back,” swoons FWD’s John Herrman. What makes Pick so much <3 <3 <3-ier than its domestic counterpart? Stickers! There are puppy stickers, and straw hat stickers and bunny wabbit stickers, and alphabet stickers–all the better to spell out squeeeeeee!

This iteration of Instagram makes it a little harder to buy photo-sharing as an emotionally resonantperspective-enhancing life experience. But, hey, your inner Harajuku girl has emotions too.

Hopefully no one figures out how to “cinegram” Pick pics, otherwise there goes the rest of FWD’s day.

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