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Introducing Our Newest Betabeat Staffer: Kelly Faircloth

 Introducing Our Newest Betabeat Staffer: Kelly FairclothPlease allow me to introduce myself! I’m Kelly, and I’m the latest initiate into the Betabeat coven. Starting today, I’ll be joining Adrianne, Nitasha, and Jessica as a full-time writer and reporter. And just who am I? Previously, I worked at HD Made, where I curated a Tumblr you might recognize for their client NASDAQ. I’ve also blogged for places like io9 and Shelf Awareness.

I’m based here in NYC, where I can keep a close eye on this startup boom and all its accompanying scuttlebutt and scandal. So, pray tell: What’s happening? Hit me up at kfaircloth AT observer.com. Let’s have some fun.  


Follow Kelly Faircloth on Twitter or via RSS. kfaircloth@observer.com