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I CAN HAZ SEED ROUND: Ben Huh’s News Startup Circa Raises $750K

"40 percent of our current funding is provided by Davids"
 I CAN HAZ SEED ROUND: Ben Huhs News Startup Circa Raises $750K

Mr. Huh (

Ben Huh, the genius behind Icanhascheezburger who has delivered cute and crazy cat pictures to the masses for years, is working on a new startup called Circa that wants to “reimagine the way you consume news.” Today, TechCrunch reports that Circa has raised $750,000 from a slew of A-list investors, including a few notable New York techies.

According to Techcrunch:

Their startup Circa, which boasts a newsworthy list of advisors like former Digg CEO Jay Adelson, has just raised 750K in seed funding from eonCapital, Quotidian Ventures, Techstars’ David Cohen and David Tisch, Tumblr’s David Karp, Eric Norlin, Manesh Arora, Pedro Torres-Picon, Rick Webb, Scott Belsky and Soraya Darabi.

Mr. Huh has mostly remained mum on the details of what Circa actually is. The company’s about page is sparse and generalized: “Our vision is to create the best possible news experience by optimizing for truths, encouraging diversity, and empowering readers.” Okay…sounds good?

Hey, Mr. Huh: we can haz more info about Circa, plz?

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