Pebble the Smartwatch, the Most-Funded Kickstarter EVAH, Is Now at $4.6 M. and Counting

The founder is already being compared to Steve Jobs.
screen shot 2012 04 18 at 4 47 45 pm Pebble the Smartwatch, the Most Funded Kickstarter EVAH, Is Now at $4.6 M. and Counting

Mr. Migicovsky

Yesterday, we called it. The fact that Pebble the e-paper watch had raised $3.5 million with more than a month to go meant that KickStarter had hit the tipping point, surpassing even Double Fine Adventure’s previous high-score of $3,336,371. Maybe we shoulda waited awhile. Between now and then, Pebble has raised another million and change. The new total is $4,625,453 from 32,120 backers with 30 days to go.

At this rate, Pebble is going to raise $34 million before the jig’s up and Kickstarter should just secede from the Union and start minting their own currency. Maybe cfundrs or crowdsiesor something.

As Bloomberg noted yesterday, Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky hit a roadblock before trying his hand on Kickstarter. In fact, Mr. Migicovsky went through the same Y Combinator class as Tutorspree and even “outperformed others by actually generating revenue.” That got Pebble to the next stage, raising $375,000 from four angel investors, including Google alum and Y Combinator partner Paul Buchheit and DFJ cofounder Tim Draper. But venture capitalists balked at the manufacturing headache of a hardware project.

Betabeat heard the same thing from Reddit cofunder Alexis Ohanian last night. At a book party on the Gawker rooftop, Y Combinator’s “Ambassador to the East” said people were already drawing comparisons between Mr. Migicovsky and Steve Jobs for his astounding attention to design. Pebble’s notion of opening up a Watch App Store and software development kit to let coders build apps for the watch certainly sounds Jobesian to us.

But if that’s not enough hype for you, how about the fact that Pebble made $23,585 in the time it took us to write this post? Actually, make that $26,550. Okay, we’re going to stop now.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Amine HsuSo, I’m probably going to sound like a cmtpleoe idiot asking this but I’m planning on contributing, but have been trying to decide at what level to do so at. I’m leaning towards the 15 dollar level, but after reading over it again, I became confused what exactly was added to it over the 12 dollar level. I’m probably derping pretty hard here but could someone explain it to me?=>_<=