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Apparently Some OMGPOP Developers Are The Luckiest People In Tech

dan porter 396x3001 Apparently Some OMGPOP Developers Are The Luckiest People In Tech

CEO Dan Porter with Ghostface Killah. (Twitter)

Before the sudden success of Draw Something, things weren’t looking so great for OMGPOP. Several developers got the ax. But an anonymous source tells Business Insider the story didn’t end there. As soon as the prospects looked good for a deal, CEO Dan Porter hired them all back:


He was literally negotiating the deal and jamming the re-hires back into payroll to make sure they were covered with hours remaining in the close.  Their options kept vesting and they benefitted from the sale.
Porter didn’t have to do it. It was just the mensch thing to do.
There was one guy who used to work for OMGPOP who was facing a deadline on whether or not to exercises his options. He couldn’t decide, and Porter didn’t want him to lose out, so he hired him as a contractor to extend his vesting as well. He made money too.

We’re slightly skeptical, if only because this is just about the only thing that could make OMGPOP’s acquisition more of a Cinderella story. But it does offer a sunny flip side to Mr. Porter’s rather vindictive response to the Shay Pierce flap.

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