Love in the Time of Algorithms

What to Expect When You’re Dating a New York Tech Bachelor

dave altarescu 576150 What to Expect When Youre Dating a New York Tech Bachelor

Dave Altarescu (Photo: LinkedIn)

Women in the market for a banker boyfriend have a wealth of resources that tell them what they might be in for. The short-lived, but incredibly practical Dating A Banker Anonymous blog, for one, was a valuable recession-era compendium of tips on navigating tricky emotional terrain like what happens when they cut up your credit card or cancel reservations. With New York’s nascent tech scene, however,  it’s harder to know how to proceed. Thankfully, Page Six magazine is here to help women in search of lasting love who want to “date the next Mark Zuckerberg.”

Today, the magazine posted profiles of five bachelors (sample pun: “There’s a chapp for that.”) from the start-up ecosystem: Anoop Ranganath from Foursquare, Dave Altarescu from Spotify, Rob Fishman from Kingfish Labs, Trip Cowin from Basno and Spencer Lazar from Spontaneously. If parsed correctly, the list also reveals some handy clues as to what your love life might look like if you happen to land one of these “chapps.”

1. You’ll have competition in the bedroom.

Currently sleeping with: “My phone, my iPad and my computer.” —Mr. Lazar

2. They might use their own product to contact you.

First date contact: “A Yoke message? I’ve Twitter direct-messaged, Foursquare commented. … I sort of embrace the multiplatform reach-out.” —Mr. Fishman, (whose company makes the Facebook dating app Yoke)

3. You’ll probably end up hanging out with his co-workers.

NYC date spots: “I really like the Summit Bar. … It’s a popular bar among all the Foursquare people.” —Mr. Ranganath

4. They’re capable of looking up from their keyboard—sometimes.

First date contact: “Despite the industry I work in, it’s definitely a phone call.” —Mr. Cowin

5. They might know more about dating than you.

Pro dater: “There’s this awkward moment when you’re on a date and you say, ‘I’m actually working on a dating website.'”

6. You’re gonna have to listen to them brag/humble-brag about their badges.

Badge brag: The former prep school English teacher boasts a Tough Mudder Finisher badge for the 12-mile obstacle course he has finished twice. —Mr. Cowin

Foursquare cred: “I’m the mayor of my apartment and my parents’ house. I’m very proud. They were highly contested.” —Mr. Ranganath

Now that you know the rules, see you at the Scratcher?

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