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Seamless Founder Jason Finger Joins IAC as CEO of CityGrid Media

jason finger e1332520313896 Seamless Founder Jason Finger Joins IAC as CEO of CityGrid Media

Mr. Finger.

This morning Seamless founder Jason Finger, legend of Silicon Alley, sent an email out to friends with subject line “Back in the saddle. . .” It seems the Silicon Valley Alley vet has taken up the reins at CityGrid Media and will join IAC’s local listings website network. “I’ve joined IAC as CEO of CityGrid Media,” Mr. Finger said in the email. “CityGrid is the largest content and ad network for ‘local’ and includes several owned and operated websites including Citysearch.cominsiderpages.com and Urbanspoon.com, as well as BuzzLabs.”

Mr. Finger cofounded SeamlessWeb in 1999 and took the business up to its acquisition by Aramark in 2006 and beyond until February 2010, when he officially stepped down to “explore other challenges.” Since then, Mr. Finger has been an entrepreneur-in-residence at Bessemer Ventures and an active local angel investor.

IAC released a statement yesterday announcing that Jay Herratti, CityGrid’s CEO for the last five years, will “support the transition and then pursue other interests.”

CityGrid is headquartered in West Hollywood, and Mr. Finger will move to California for the job, said a representative for IAC.

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