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OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Made ‘Way More’ Than $22 M. in Sale to Zynga

If not for Draw Something, OMGPOP might have run out of money by May.
ananphoto OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Made Way More Than $22 M. in Sale to Zynga

Mr. Forman (via twitter/charlesforman)

The New York Times got a ticket to OMGPOP’s after-acquisition party at the Bowery Hotel last week where they ran into the startup’s founder, Charles Forman, who was in such a daze over the $180 million deal with Zynga that he walked into traffic.

Mr. Forman, who left the company in 2011, but retained his stake, told the Times he made “way more” than $22 million from the sale, adding, “It’s the kind of money where I’ll be wearing whatever I want when somebody invites me to a wedding.”

We never really thought to measure “fuck you” money in terms of prescribed wedding attire, but godspeed to any groom that wants Mr. Forman as his best man.

As the Times notes, although Mr. Forman and CTO E. J. Mablekos created OMGPOP’s first drawing game, a web-based attempt called Draw My Thing that put a timer on guessing the word in the picture, Draw Something was created after Mr. Forman left the company.

In fact, two former employees told the paper that OMGPOP, which raised $17 million since 2006, was on its way to running out of money by May and likely would have shuttered if not for CEO Dan Porter and the team of five behind Draw Something, which took the game mobile and eliminated time limits and the idea of assigning a winner and loser.

While Mr. Forman, who is currently working on the stealth startup Picturelife with Nate Westheimer, may now feel entitled to forgo a suit at your wedding, it looks like he’s playing nice with his new benefactors. Shortly after the conference call announcing the sale, Mr. Forman tweeted his thanks to Mr. Porter and investor Bijan Sabet, whose firm Spark Capital participated in OMGPOP’s Series A and Series B rounds, but took a more snide tone towards Zynga and CEO Mark Pincus:

screen shot 2012 03 26 at 8 18 46 am OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Made Way More Than $22 M. in Sale to Zynga

That tweet has since been deleted from Mr. Forman’s account, leaving just two updates on his Twitter profile: one about Draw Something being the #1 free app on iTunes and his first message to the world from May, 2007, “im pooping.”

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