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New York City Subpoenas More Tweets

picture 7 New York City Subpoenas More Tweets

Today Jeff Rae (@jeffrae), a self-described rabble rouser, agitator, organizer and labor activist, posted a letter to Scribd that he received from Twitter informing him that the micro-blogging platform had received a legal process for information related to his account. The letter said that the legal process “requires Twitter to produce documents related to your account” in seven days unless he’s filed a motion to “quash the legal process.”

Earlier this year, New York City subpoenaed Twitter demanding that they handover tweets and user information belonging to Malcolm Harris (@destructuremal). Mr. Harris, who had been tweeting live from last year’s Brooklyn Bridge march where hundreds were arrested,  received a letter from Twitter to inform him that his account had attracted the government’s ire.

In an email, Mr. Harris told Betabeat that a hearing is scheduled for later this month where, “hopefully the judge will decide to quash the prosecution’s subpoena.” He believes that the subpoena is related to a disorderly conduct charge—the same charge leveled against hundreds of demonstrators by the NYPD on October 1, 2011.

Both Mr. Rae and Mr. Harris were arrested during events related to the Occupy Wall Street protests, but Mr. Harris also pointed out that no one is suggesting a relationship between either of the subpoenaed accounts.

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