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Former Coworkers Dish on Sabu, the LulzSec Leader Turned FBI Snitch

Apparently he was “too busy to play video games” with his coworkers. :'(

screen shot 2012 03 06 at 9 35 36 am 150x13521 Former Coworkers Dish on Sabu, the LulzSec Leader Turned FBI SnitchAmong the illuminating factoids unearthed about LulzSec hacker turned FBI informant Hector Xavier Monsegur, one struck us as particularly interesting.

“Sabu,” as his Anon cohorts knew him, used to work at Manhattan-based Open Plans, a technology non-profit focused on using open data and software to improve transportation systems. According to Gizmodo, Mr. Monsegur used his work email address (xavier@openplans.org) to register domain names, a move both patently unprofessional and kind of silly.

Luckily, this minor security slip up turned out to be our gain. We contacted two of Sabu’s former coworkers at Open Plans, who agreed to fill us in on what it was like to work with the most infamous snitch on the Internet.

“He worked as a sysadmin under pseudonym Xavier for a few months before being mysteriously fired,” one former coworker confided to Betabeat. “He was really chill, but too busy to play video games with us for some reason. ;)”

Oh, coy emoticon–you tease us so. Perhaps Sabu was too busy orchestrating large-scale attacks on PBS and Sony to worry about shooting zombies with his fellow Open Planners.

But Mr. Monsegur’s impressive leadership skills apparently weren’t evident to his coworkers. “I’m really surprised he turned out to be so far up in LulzSec,” another former coworker told us. “He seemed pretty nondescript, and was pretty quiet most of the time. He didn’t seem that sketchy.”

Was he good at his job, we wondered.

“He seemed skilled at IT and ops, but not like he was amazing, you know?” one former coworker told Betabeat via Gchat. “[Sabu] wasn’t particularly fast getting things done.”

For such a crappy neighbor, Sabu talked a lot at Open Plans about growing up in Alphabet City, and the increasing gentrification of the area.

“He talked about how he lived in Alphabet City forever and seemed kinda irked that now it was becoming a magnet for higher class NYC newcomers,” said our source. “He was obviously not rich. He seemed a bit ashamed of the fact.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Monsegur, it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning to the Lower East Side any time soon. He currently faces up to 124 years in prison. Nothing lulzy about that.

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