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If New York City Doesn’t Put Down Its Pom-Poms, We’re Gonna Become a Startup Stereotype

screen shot 2012 03 28 at 2 25 43 pm If New York City Doesnt Put Down Its Pom Poms, Were Gonna Become a Startup StereotypeIn order to win its war against the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ has put together a little video outlining “What it means to be Made in NYC.” The logic goes something like: (1) this video convinces the next Mark Zuckerberg to launch in New York (2) Zuck 2.0 invents Facebook 2.0 (3) when it comes time to go public, he/she looks back fondly at the inspirational video that brought him/her here and gives Duncan Niederauer the finger.

The video is cute and charming and makes New York sound like one big happy family, well except for the sobering presence of recently-defoundered Naveen Selvadurai, of course. But the U-Haul advertisement also veers dangerously into caricature.

Come to New York, we all have breakfast meetings at Balthazar (or Peels)! Come to New York, there are lots of neighborhoods! Come to New York, we hold more meetings than you and take public transportation between said meetings! Come to New York, we are close to advertising/media! Come to New York, there’s a chance we play in a band after work! Guess no one told them about the Coffee Shop boycott, but you start to get the idea . . .

Here’s the thing, though, if we protest too much, the underdog can quickly become the overlord. Then we’re the ones being accused of groupthink, mono-mindedness about technology, clubby elitism, and being too nice. Our other problem with this video? Nobody puts Fred Wilson on the cutting room floor.

Other than that, though, come on down, startups, the water’s just fine.

Made in New York from NASDAQ on Vimeo.

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