When Hackers Attack

F.B.I.: Hacking Is The New Terrorism

So... is the FBI saying, "Expect us?"

fbisealbetabeat F.B.I.: Hacking Is The New TerrorismSpeaking to a cyber-security professionals in San Francisco, F.B.I. director Robert Mueller named what the feds see as America’s emergent number 1 threat: cyber-terrorism. Mr. Mueller first sounded this warning note in testimony given in January to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

In his remarks at the R.S.A. Conference Thursday, the A.P. reports Mr. Mueller listed losses to cyber-criminals: “We are losing data, we are losing money, we are losing ideas and we are losing innovation,” he said. Mr. Mueller also told attendees that together they “must find a way to stop the bleeding.”

Mr. Mueller may have had an ideal audience for his remarks–this year’s R.S.A. Conference also has an eye toward companies concerned about possibly falling prey to the Anonymous DDoS or email hack:

Protecting yourself and your company against cyber attacks and those who launch them is a full-time job. You need up-to-the-minute information, the latest technology, insight into techniques and trends, and so much more. And you’ll get all of it at RSA┬« Conference 2012.

Mr. Mueller tried to calm businesses worried about the P.R. crises that sometimes follow a major cyber-attack, stating that the F.B.I. does “not want you to feel victimized a second time by one of our investigations.”

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