Chinese Man Commits Double Murder After Being Sold a Fake iPhone

iphone murder Chinese Man Commits Double Murder After Being Sold a Fake iPhone


Chinese TV news is reporting a grisly tale of modern crime in the land of ubiquitous knockoff electronics. A man in Zhenzhou, Henan province in north-central China bought what he thought was an Apple iPhone for about $330. When he found out the phone was a fake, he came back for blood.

The man, identified in news reports as Feng, came across a gang attempting to sell the same fake phone to a young boy. He brandished a knife and they allegedly disappeared. But a few days later, another encounter proved fatal. “Feng came across the same gang and, it is alleged, a scuffle broke out, during which he stabbed one of the crooks in the chest and severed a major artery in the right leg of another,” The Register reported. “The second victim died a day later due to excessive blood loss.” The murders were captured by a street camera.

When the iPhone 4S was released in China in January, police had to control the crowd outside the door. Rowdy customers threw eggs at the store when it delayed opening because of the unruliness of the masses.

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