Booting Up: Give Me Back My Benz Edition

kimdotcom Booting Up: Give Me Back My Benz Edition

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Mat Honan takes Google to task in an epic essay, “The Case Against Google” [Gizmodo]

Facebook reportedly shoring up its patent defenses against a lawsuit from Yahoo with the purchase of 750 of the things from IBM [Bloomberg]

Pinterest’s copyright problem [TechCrunch]

Bad news for set-top boxes and DVRs; Blip ditches partnerships with Boxee, Vizio, Tivo and more [GigaOM]

Want to buy Monster? Soon you can [Reuters]

“Megaupload millionaire Kim Dotcom and his family have been granted a $60,000 a month living allowance… Dotcom was also given back the use of his 2011 Mercedes Benz” [The New Zealand Herald]

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