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Barack Obama Joins Pinterest, Posts Family Recipes and Photos of Dogs

He really gets us.
picture 25 Barack Obama Joins Pinterest, Posts Family Recipes and Photos of Dogs


Joining the ranks of Mormons and craft-obsessed ladies on image sharing social network Pinterest is none other than Barack Obama, our very own President. Apparently the commander-in-chief has more to worry about than potential copyright infringements.

The Pinterest page isn’t exactly run by President Obama himself–like most of his social networks, the bio box says it’s manned by Obama for America, the president’s social media-savvy campaign machine. But the team certainly knows the Pinterest-friendly way to an audience’s heart: current boards include “ObamArt,” “Obama-inspired recipes” and adorable family photos pinned to the board “The First Family.”

Despite photos of First Dog Bo and a detailed Obama family chili recipe, President Obama still has less than 1,000 followers. Perhaps because many of Pinterest’s users are actually members of Mitt Romney’s family?

Actually, now that we think about it, what is POTUS doing on Pinterest anyway? Shouldn’t he be on Gentlemint, bropinning photos of well-groomed mustaches and oil paintings of sailboats? Helping to shatter glass ceilings, indeed.

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