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Stop SXSW Chatter-Induced Violence Before It Starts With NotatSXSW

Everyone just simmer down now.

sxswimage2 Stop SXSW Chatter Induced Violence Before It Starts With NotatSXSWSometimes those not attending SXSW (South by Southwest) act as if they hate SXSW, or at least hate the flurry of “I’m eating a chili corndog at #SXSW” tweets that clog Twitter timelines for the duration of the event. Fortunately, Techcrunch reports a new browser extension is available to help alleviate any undue #SXSW tweet-stress:

This extension goes further than one available last year–it doesn’t simply block the #SXSW hashtag, it apparently cross-references a directory of people at the event with Twitter users, blocking them entirely. So if NotatSXSW works as Lanyrd claims you can have March 9-18 blissfully free of a timeline containing delectable nuggets of prose like those seen in this screengrab posted in Lanyrd’s blog entry about the extension:

notatsxsw1 Stop SXSW Chatter Induced Violence Before It Starts With NotatSXSW


Lanyrd’s Jake Archibald wisely notes that “prolonged exposure to this brand of gushing joy, in-jokes and comradery (sic) can lead to violent emotional and/or physical outbursts.”

Though the event is still three weeks away, those inclined to install this extension are likely aware that there are already plenty of “OMG! Game of Thrones #SXSW meet-up!!!” tweets underway (quote anonymized to protect the innocent).

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