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Imaginary Headlines About Facebook’s IPO Filing

Beta-testing headlines while we twiddle our thumbs.
charlierose Imaginary Headlines About Facebooks IPO Filing

Yo Zuck!

Listen up, Silicon Valley. Kara Swisher says you can “go the f**k back to sleep“—it’s gonna be awhile. Ms. Swisher, who started her (since abandoned) gonzo live-blog on AllThingsD at 4:45am PST, the S-1 filing—and all its mystical contents—won’t come “until this afternoon, after the markets close, at the earliest.”

In the meantime, we’re just spitballing over here.

  • Facebook S-1 Filing So Potent, Impregnates Tech Blogger With A Single Scroll
  • Peter Thiel Reaches Singularity
  • MySpace Tom Owns Facebook Stock LOL Wut?
  • Lloyd Blankfein Lies Gently Weeping
  • Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again
  • Wait, Where Is the Surprise Ending?
  • Links To Facebook S-1 Filing Mysterious Disabled On Google+
  • Larry Page Lies Gently Weeping
  • Eduardo Saverin Should Not Be Allowed To Make His Own Financial Decisions
  • Why Is Twitter Censoring #FB?
  • How The Mayans Predicted Facebook’s Ticker Symbol
  • Winklevei Winklewon’t
  • Aaron Sorkin Furiously Pens Facebook Sequel: The Wonder Years
  • Anonymous Takes Down SEC Site, Bloggers Lie Gently Weeping
  • What Time Did Facebook IPO? [HuffPo]
  • Facebook Likes NASDAQ [Mashable]
  • Facebook Friends NYSE [Mashable]
  • Dealbook’s Evelyn Rusli: Told Ya So, Suckas
  • Sleep-Deprived Kara Swisher Spends Murdoch Fortune on Facebook Stock, Stockpiles Scoops For Eternity
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