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Yo, Zuck! Designer Strikes Again With Yo, Dick!

youssef sarhan refer Yo, Zuck! Designer Strikes Again With Yo, Dick!Youssef Sarhan, the Irish designer whose UI advice Tumblr, Yo Zuck!, earned him fame, a job interview with Facebook, and a job offer from a Helsinki startup, has turned his sights on Twitter. Mr. Sarhan’s newest Tumblr, Yo, Dick! Implement This, repeats the gag of Yo Zuck!: Mr. Sarhan nitpicks at Twitter’s design and logic. Users can @ reply themselves, but they can’t retweet their own tweets? Sup with that? Stay tuned to see if Twitter calls Mr. Sarhan! What say you, @dickc?“Btw, google ‘Yo Dick!,'” Mr. Sarhan said in an email. We did. We saw this. “Watch the music video, hilarious… I want to knock the SEO out of that! What you think?” Sounds like a worthy goal to us.

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