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Forever Alone in New York City? The EDC Is Here to Help!

edcvalentine Forever Alone in New York City? The EDC Is Here to Help!New York City’s Economic Development Corporation is a lot of things to a lot of people: investor, incubator, job creator,  developer, and now, apparently, a matchmaker of sorts. Either that or an over-encouraging mom who’s just sure you’re gonna meet the right one, sweetie!

Today on the NYC EDC’s Tumblr, a blog typically devoted to Hizzoner’s policy musings, updates on the tech campus competition, or showing off the Mayor’s new Instagram account, went in a different direction with a post called “Ratio of Single Men to Single Women in NYC,” which, conventional wisdom holds, does not fall in a hetero lady’s favor. 

The post, authored by economists within the NYCEDC’s Center of Economic Transformation, aims to debunk that myth. True, overall, New York City’s population is 53 percent female and 47 male, however, if you break down the Census data, the numbers look a little more promising. Of the population of singles ages 20 to 34 who have never been married, men actually outnumber women—742,400 to 729,500.

Older than 34? Divorced? Might as well pack it up and head to Toledo, but for the rest of you, here’s some additional intel:

“More interestingly, the ratio varies widely by neighborhood (we used Census Public Use Microdata Areas). On the Upper East Side, young single women outnumber young single men nearly 2 to 1. Jackson Heights, Queens is on the other end of the spectrum—where there are 1.7 males for every female. The neighborhoods with ratios of 1 to 1? Jamaica, Queens and Pelham Gardens in the Bronx.”

The column then concludes with some related stats: “Spending at the City’s roughly 1,200 bars is approximately $855 million per year. This works out to $140 per resident age 21 and over, which is 58% higher than in the United States as a whole.”

We’d like to meet the individuals who can get through a year in New York City with a $140 bar tab. Maybe they can get the next round?

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