Infographic: What Jay-Z and Beyonce’s New Baby Did to Twitter

ag cover Infographic: What Jay Z and Beyonces New Baby Did to Twitter

Imagine being able to tell the other kids that your dad made Reasonable Doubt. Now, one will.

Jay-Z and Beyonce had a baaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyy and it’s the most exciting news in the history of everrrrrrrrr. You might already know this because you’re a sentient human being with access to news outlets, who have covered this earth-shattering event with the investigative prowess probably best reserved for other causes in an ideal world, but that’s another conversation. Also, we, too, are guilty of such coverage (because we love Jay-Z. And Beyonce. And their Bey-Z).

You might also know this because you’ve spent time on Twitter.

Earlier today, Mashable noted the new Power Daughter’s effect on Twitter, via the social analytics firm Simply Measured, which noted that tweets per minute about Blue—the Bey-Z in question—”peaked at 2,379 tweets at 11:15 p.m. PT on Saturday, which is a ‘healthy number for a non-televised, rumor driven event.'”

Furthermore, they have a wonderful chart to detail this:

blue ivy carter twitter buzz Infographic: What Jay Z and Beyonces New Baby Did to Twitter

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