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Rupert Murdoch Finally ‘Gets’ Twitter, Using it to Go After Google and President Obama

Plotting. (Photo: File)

Rupert Murdoch joining Twitter was one of the more shocking developments in the history of microblogging; not so much because it was an old person using Twitter, or an old, famous person using Twitter, but because it was an old, famous, media conglomerate chief using Twitter. They’re not exactly the type to engage with the public. It would seem, only a few weeks after joining, he has finally got the hang of the thing. Read More

SOPA Opera

The White House Signals Opposition to SOPA


In a blog post published Friday the Obama Administration signaled measured opposition to both the House-sponsored Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its kissing cousin in the Senate, the Protect IP Act of 2011 (PIPA). With fairly clear language (for government officials), impossibly-titled administration officials Victoria Espinel, Aneesh Chopra and Howard Schmidt authored the response to two petitions directed at the legislation, stating: Read More