Spam or Not?

New York Times Email Wasn’t Spam, Just a Really Embarrassing Mistake

times lie New York Times Email Wasnt Spam, Just a Really Embarrassing Mistake


Looks like our own Megan McCarthy was right after all; that spammy-looking email that went out to New York Times users yesterday was ultimately an accidental “reply all.” After first telling users that the email was spam, the Gray Lady hung her head and confessed it was just a mistake. “The New York Times mistakenly sent an e-mail on Wednesday to more than eight million people who had shared their information with the company, erroneously informing them that they had canceled home delivery of the newspaper,” the Times’s own Media Decoder blog reported. 

“We regret that the error was made, but no one’s security has been compromised,” a spokesperson said.

The New York Post didn’t miss a beat. “New York Times caught in lie over ‘spam’ subscription-cancellation e-mails,” screamed today’s headline.

The worst damage of this whole kerfuffle? Times subscribers now know they can get 50 percent off home delivery if they cancel their subscriptions.

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