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More Proof That You Should Not Rob Geeks Because They Will Bust You With Technology

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The internet is disrupting the burglary industry! Levent Cetiner, a 30-year-old IT worker, busted a would-be burglar yesterday with a Keebox motion-sensor camera he bought for $50 online and installed in his Chelsea apartment. “I hoped I wouldn’t actually have to use it, but I thought it was a good idea to have. Plus, I work in IT, and I thought it would be a cool thing to play with,” he told the Post.

When a burglar climbed into his fourth-floor window, the New York Post reports, Mr. Cetiner got an email with a photo of the break-in. He called 911 and ran home to find the door deadbolted from the inside and the thief scrambling to escape, he said.

The cops arrived, Mr. Cetiner showed them the picture on his phone, and the thief was nabbed while trying to escape through the courtyard.

The Keebox can “create motion detection fields of any shape over the viewing area,” streams audio and even has night vision for up to 16 feet.

This story is the latest proof that it’s hard out there for a petty thief. Technology like Backblaze, which resulted in one alleged thief’s dance moves being uploaded to YouTube, as well as Keebox and Find My iPhone will soon make thieves think twice about taking gadgets, at least without first turning them off or wiping their memories.

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