Shameless, Wonderful Single-Serving Site of the Day: Is Mercury In Retrograde?

pfros book Shameless, Wonderful Single Serving Site of the Day: Is Mercury In Retrograde?

Sorry, novelist Paula Froelich. Someone's taking your Google Shine.

Fans of shameless-yet-wonderful single-serving sites, have we got one for you.Yes: via Wirecutter (and former Gizmodo) editor Brian Lam’s Twitter—which he precedes with the wry, astute commentary of “for fuck’s sake“—comes While it may siphon off some of the Google blackmagick of former Page Six gossip (and sometimes New York Observer freelancer) Paula Froelich’s book sales, we can’t help but adore this wonderfully stupid, yet plainly servicey contribution to the world’s pantheon of Single-Serving Sites.

And in the event you were wondering: yes, today, Mercury is, in fact, in retrograde. Which accounts for the weirdness. Whatever any of that noise actually means. [FK]

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