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LIVEBLOG: Facebook Announces Engineering Office In New York City

i like ny LIVEBLOG: Facebook Announces Engineering Office In New York City

Facebook announces an engineering office in New York City.

Facebook sent out an email for an invite-only press conference yesterday with some big names attached: COO Sheryl Sandberg, VP of engineering Mike Schroepfer, Senator Chuck Schumer, Mayor Bloomberg, “and other distinguished guests.” According to the Facebook press release, they’re announcing an engineering office in New York in 2012. Let the live-blogging begin!

2.56 The fact that Facebook is opening in New York as a center for engineers, which is really the place where we’ve lagged a bit, shows we’re really turning the corner there as well.

2.52 Facebook’s head of engineering: “One of the things that makes a tech center work is community. It’s clear NYC has that. It’s why we’re here.”

2.50 Sandberg: “We’ve had  huge head start in CA we’ve been in CA for 7 years and obviously it takes a while and california remains our HQ … but once again were going to grow as quickly as we can in NY”

2.48 Bloomberg: “There’s never been a downturn in the demand for the top quality engineers–the best and brightest”

2.48 Sandberg: “Looks like we’re going to need more office space, depends on how quickly we hire”

2.47 Reporter: How quickly do you want to do the IPO? Sandberg: “I won’t disappoint anyone we’re not going to be talking about the IPO”

2.46 Schumer says we missed out on hardware, but NYC has the perfect human capital to build the future of software.

2.46 There’s a new Facebook NY engineer page.

2.42 “There’s so much to like about Facebook’s decision–Get it? That was a joke so much to like… Subtlety is not my middle name. Theres so much to like about Facebook’s decision to grow in NY”

2.41 Schumer: “New York’s pleased to call Facebook a friend”

2.40 Schumer: “This is a red letter day for ny because the Mayor and I along with so many others have wanted to see NY continue to grow and evolve.” In introducing Schumer, Sandberg noted that his daughter went to college with Zuck.

2.39 Schumer:  “It’s a cliche to say that a company has changed the way we live.” Sandberg from back of room: “Go ahead say it.”

2.37 Bloomberg: “I really do encourage all tech companies to do what Facebook is doing now make NYC a hub for your enginering ops I think this is the best place to recruit and retain” top talent. “Don’t wait until all your competitors are already here and recruiting the best talent.” Shouts out the Stack Exchange developer forum for Facebook.

2.36 Bloomberg: “You should know this is Facebook’s first outside of the West Coast engineering office. It is opening in early 2012 it is accepting applications now if any of you are looking for a job.” He said it shows were “well on our way” to acheiving goal of becoming the world’s number one hub for information technology and social media. “I think our future looks bright because we want the next facebook to start here in NYC.” He also cited tech campus effort, which he said he expects to inspire many new launches.

2.35 Serkan Piantino, super early Facebook engineer, will be heading to NY to run the new engineering outpost. He is from CT and worked in NY for a career in finance. He described himself as growing up just a few train stops away. Former Wall Street guy gone tech. He previously managed the engineering team behind Newsfeed.

2.30 Mr. Schroepfer: “For us this isn’t a satellite office this is going to be a core part of our engineering stack.” He said “much of the work behind Timeline” was done in NY. “We are looking for smartest folks. After detailed analysis, best place by large margin was NY.”

2.29 Mike Schroepfer, Facebook Vice President of Engineering: “For us this isn’t a satellite office, this is going to be a core part of our engineering stack.”

2.26 She is touting her partnerships with NYC pols. “They understand the importance of pro growth policies which create business.” She iss flanked by Bloomy and Schumer.  She also shouted out the pols who aren’t here, including Cuomo and Sen. Gillibrand.

2.24 Sandberg: Today we have a big announcement to make which is that were expanding our efforts in New York so we can also do engineering as well.

2.17 David Kirkpatrick just sat down and gave some woman a smooch.

1.59pm Coders on skateboards circling around then room. A bunch of elementary school style brightly colored chairs. “Raw” space with concrete pillars to give it that “startup feel.”

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