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Texting, the Cloud, and John Mayer Jokes: 100 Things That Died in 2011

Tech things people (mostly tech bloggers) have declared dead in 2011.
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Here lies email. (flickr.com/lollaping)

2012 will be the apocalypse for at least these 100 internet-related things, according to tech bloggers and other persons of authority! Here is a list of things that supposedly gave up the ghost in 2011.

100. Email
99. Texting
98. Blogging
97. The cloud
96. Google Buzz
95. Google Reader
94. Google Wave
93. Google+
92. Facebook
91. Flickr
90. TechCrunch
89. Facebook Places
88. Gowalla
87. Qwikster
86. StickyBits
85. Turntable.fm
84. Flash
83. HTML5
82. SEO
81. IPv4
80. IE6
79. DRM, no for real this time
78. AOL
77. The AT&T-T-Mobile merger
76. Online poker
75. Macbooks
74. Apple TV
73. Privacy
72. Gadget specs
71. Phone calls
70. Books
69. The Vostu-Zynga lawsuit
68. Desktops
67. RSS
66. Saying “RSS is dead”
65. Stanford NYC
64. Uber NYC
63. Zaarly NYC
62. Color
61. Bitcoin
60. The New York Angels
59. Instapaper
58. Wired City
57. Ask Josh Harris
56. The Tech-Sync Power System Kickstarter campaign
55. Fast Society
54. Hashable
53. Jumo
52. Limewire
51. CollegeOnly
50. ToVieFor
49. Engadget
48. SeamlessWeb
47. The Big Gay Deal of the Day
46. Winklevii lawsuit against Facebook
45. Firefox
44. Zune
43. Business cards
42. Fake Apple stores in Flushing
41. White iPhones from Queens
40. Verizon’s iPhone inferiority complex
39. Any remaining mystery about the origins of Dave Tisch
38. DecorMyEyes’s Google ranking
37. David Pogue’s personal brand
36. Dave Fayram’s status as BankSimple’s lead engineer
35. BankSimple’s status as a New York startup
34. The “bank” in BankSimple
33. @RepWeiner
32. Faith that your bank won’t get hacked
31. WordPress-Tumblr comparisons
30. The tech recruiter system
29. The term “hacker”
28. The IPO
27. Startup board meetings
25. On1Ave and its investors’ $590K
24. News Corp’s ownership of Myspace
23. Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything,” almost
22. Dating not on the internet
21. MTA.info after the blizzard, and nyc.gov before the hurricane
20. Your psuedonymous Google+ profile
19. Tumblr’s tweets about downtime
18. Mashable’s sense of humor
17. VCs using real checks
16. The Makery
15. Dot-com era exuberance
14. Jerry Guo’s tenure as Grouper CEO
13. Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet’s tenure on Twitter’s board
12. Andy Weissman’s tenure at Betaworks
11. Rich Tong’s tenure at Tumblr
10. Rob Kalin’s tenure as Etsy CEO
9. Binary days
8. The Coffee Shop era
7. The 36 Coop era
6. John Mayer jokes
5. The tech bubble
4. Dreams of Y Combinator opening in New York
3. The entire internet
2. All the startups
1. Jack the Cat

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  1. silent0 says:

    It looks like you actually have 101 items (see number 75). Also, it should be noted that some of these items are “dead” for all intents and purposes (Google Buzz and Wave to name two).

  2. Hunter Peress says:

    Email will never die. It has proven time and time again that it is the easiest way to share info.

    Email is the original social network. 

    I can print via email with HP’s new printer. 

    Posterous is based on email.

    Email is easy, ubiquitous, and will never die. 

  3. Why jokes often rely on stereotypes: the use of a stereotype links to familiar expected behaviour, thus saving time in the set-up.

    1. Amannan1962 says:

      Yes jose joke teller is nice and it is the best.