Big Apple

Grand Central Apple Store is Grand


Apple employees in red t-shirts greeted Betabeat as we wandered around the open air Apple store that recently appeared on Grand Central Terminal’s East Balcony. “Hi! How are you? Hi! Can I help you?” We were there for the press sneak preview, along with dozens of other media from Gothamist to CNBC, the cameraman for which was so excited he dropped his microphone. Although the store opens Friday at 10 a.m., press were allowed to buy things. Judging by the number of iPhones out, we bet someone did, especially with all those helpful holiday Apple elves, who looked especially Christmas-y in the golden light of Grand Central. Read More

Linguistics of the Smartphone

Thanks to iOS5, Emoji May Soon Become the International Language of Love (and Ninjas and Crying and Eyerolls)

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 9.48.05 AM

If you’ve ever stumbled across the Betabeat tumblr, you know just how integral we consider animated emoticons to the practice of good journalism. Our Skype chats are littered them. In the New York Times today, emoji aficionado Jenna Wortham explores how the Japanese import is catching on internationally in no small part due to iOS5. Read More