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Zach Klein: Investor, Entrepreneur, Cabin-Loving ‘Proselytizer of Country Living’

47015v5 max 250x250 Zach Klein: Investor, Entrepreneur, Cabin Loving Proselytizer of Country Living

(via Mr. Klein's Twitter)

As Betabeat informed you back in September, cherubic serial entrepreneur Zach Klein, who also doubles as an investor through Founder Collective, recently traded his New York digs for the Valley, dashing the dreams of a “Zach Klein, upstate woodsman” profile that New York media outlets have been salivating over ever since Mr. Klein tumbled pictures of the outdoorsy estate he dubbed “Beaver Brook” a year-and-a-half ago.

But the California air doesn’t seem to have dampened the consummate multi-tasker’s upstate dreaming. This morning, the Buffalo native tweeted, “I added a few more properties to my Upstate NY real estate blog, mostly affordable farmhouses and cabins,” along with a link to his Upsate Homes tumblr.

Mr. Klein, whose Twitter bio reads, “Working on the Internet now so I can live in the woods later,” demurred Betabeat’s interview request. But he was thoughtful enough to answer a question about whether he was getting into the real estate game, tweeting, “No, I don’t sell properties. Just tracking affordable and interesting real estate for friends.” Fielding other queries on Twitter as to whether he had added broker to his already lengthy resume, Mr. Klein clarified again, “Nope, just a proselytizer of country living.”

It seems Mr. Klein has already converted some city folks into “Beaver Brookies” and is at work on a four-season bunkhouse built on a salvaged barn frame. But if that’s not aspirational enough for you, check out, the free Cabin Porn tumblr Mr. Klein co-edits–“inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.” Could come in handy during a weekend with the family. Once the turkey consumption gives way to a discussion about What, Exactly, You’re Doing With Your Future, its helps to picture a safe place.

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