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Young New Yorkers Sleep With Their Computers For That “Information Edge”

jordan cooper Young New Yorkers Sleep With Their Computers For That Information Edge

Fearless digital turks

The New York Times dove into the hyper connected world of 20 something with smartphones this weekend, returning with some shocking revelations about the behavior of this new cyber culture. A few findings:

People are always texting one another on their phones, even when they are out to dinner.

Checking in to venues. Passive aggressively emailing friends who are checking in when you are stuck at work.

To maintain an information edge, the digital youth keeps a device handy at all times. Spencer Lazar, founder of Spontaneously, sleeps with his smartphone, iPad and laptop in the bed.

They are helpless without their phones. When their batteries die, they are transported back to “1983”.

The story harps on the ways in which people can be so connected to the world at large, but out of touch with the dinner companions right across the table. The piece is attuned to FOMO, the fear of missing out. But it meets its match in Hyperpublic’s Jordan Cooper.

Seated next to Ms. Evans, Jordan Cooper, 29, kept one eye on his cellphone but did not answer any of the incoming text messages, e-mail messages or phone calls. Mr. Cooper, who is starting a data-collection and search site called Hyperpublic, said he did not feel FOMO, in part because he did not feel left out of an event just because he was not there physically.

“I don’t think of what’s here and what’s not here as separate,” he said. “Like I’ll be out with my mom and if I look at my phone, she says I’m being anti-social. I say, ‘I’m being social, just not social with you.’ ”

The story quickly moves on, clearly unnerved by Mr. Cooper and his unapologetic embrace of a world in which you can be present in more than one place at once.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems like Cooper’s mom uses “anti-social” as a euphemism for “an asshole”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sleeping with a computer is not very well…
    it may do harm to our health