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World’s Biggest Apple Store in Grand Central Slated for a Big Announcement on Tuesday

 Worlds Biggest Apple Store in Grand Central Slated for a Big Announcement on Tuesday

A work in progress as of Friday (via Techfootnote)

It’s hard to keep the development of the world’s largest Apple store under wraps when it’s happening in a building with 750,000 daily visitors. But the company is trying.

On Friday, 9to5Mac reports that dozens of construction workers and corporate reps were on hand prepare for an announcement expected tomorrow. Surprise! You know that Apple Store that’s been religiously photographed and filmed for months? It exists!

Tomorrow’s presentation is likely to make public the news of a grand (pun intentional) opening on Black Friday or later Thanksgiving weekend.

Techfootnote obtained some images of Friday’s hustle and bustle. According to 9to5Mac, shoppers can expect the same “one more thing” showmanship they’ve come to expect from anything associated with Steve Jobs:

“In the images you can see what looks to be several large hanging boards. ┬áThe boards are hung on large hooks, which would make it easy to pull off and reveal what is behind the boards.”

This week, the store is being stocked and the 300 employees who will man the Grand Central store are being trained in other Apple retail locations around New York. All employees attended a special meeting last night to go over policies and “loss prevention” over the holidays. No word yet on whether Apple’s open stance on pet goats will apply here.

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