Tumblr on NASDAQ? Not Yet. NASDAQ on Tumblr? Oh Yes.

No doubt, there are people out there in the universe who occasionally or maybe even commonly ask themselves or daydream about the day when Tumblr will finally get crazy-stupid, and IPO it up on a stock market—like, say, NASDAQ—for said people to exploit. Back in RealityLand, that’s not happening any time soon. But over in TumblrLand….

The leading market for crazypants tech IPOs has found an official home on the microblogging platform and the original vowel-eschewing social network. Welcome to the dancefloor.

nasdaq on tumblr1 e1320788068695 Tumblr on NASDAQ? Not Yet. NASDAQ on Tumblr? Oh Yes. 

Hopefully it will post lots of Instagrammy pictures about its trip back home to visit its parents and long, teary reblogs of about that time Bernie Madoff was in charge, and how betrayed it feels, and how great the new Drake album is even though he like totally hates Tumblr.

The NASDAQ Tumblr site is actually pretty neat: They’ve got a real-time ticker and market average running at the top in a far cleaner layout than the actual, NASDAQ proper site. Their introductory post notes:

Today, more than 3,500 companies are listed on NASDAQ. Large or small, startup or established, these companies all have one thing in common: they’re the most forward-thinking in their industries. Think Starbucks. Tesla. Groupon. Google. Whole Foods. Apple. Here at NASDAQ, we thrive on the energy of companies that push the boundaries and we celebrate the visionaries who lead them. We see these companies as like-minded partners for NASDAQ. From our vantage point at the NASDAQ Marketsite in the heart of New York City, to our offices in Stockholm and Hong Kong, we are uniquely positioned to give you a front row seat to the innovations these companies are leading in music, tech, fashion, finance, healthcare and beyond.

So we welcome you to our Tumblr. This site will be your window into game-changing innovation, where every weekday we’ll feature the people, products and ideas that, like Tumblr, are literally changing the world.

A (begrudgingly, we admit) very neat addition to Tumblr. Hopefully NASDAQ pulled someone out of the uber-competitive Non-Essential Social Media Coordinator Hiring Pool to run it; it’s a decent platform to do some interesting things with. Like dispatches from Groupon Day, and how Andrew Mason smells in person. That kind of thing.

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