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On the Five Month Anniversary of Fab 3.0; Startup Shows Its Traffic

tumblr lud1b0hgeg1qa0u3uo1 400 On the Five Month Anniversary of Fab 3.0; Startup Shows Its Traffic, the discounter formerly known as the Big Gay Deal Site, now known for design-centric offers (with that domain, who could give up?) is now boasting is four million monthly visits and releasing data to prove it. Founder and CEO Jason Goldberg is teasing a string of blog posts this week revealing data about the business. First up: traffic sources.

Fab has a nicely-diversified stream of traffic. About half of visits come from the email newsletter, almost a third come from direct visits to, and about a tenth comes from Facebook. Twitter, Google search and Facebook apps are negligible sources of traffic.

Fun fact, Mr. Goldberg notes, is the┬árise of Pinterest, the Tumblr-esque platform growing increasingly popular in middle America which drives 10,735 visits to the site a month. “Still small compared to our largest sources, but growing fast,” he notes.

Why is Fab releasing these details? It probably has to do with the fact that the company is aggressively hiring. If you’re doing well, why not be transparent about it.

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