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Good Offers $2,500 Bounty to Public for Engineers

good cover novdec 07 749466 Good Offers $2,500 Bounty to Public for Engineers

Good Magazine.

Good help—pun unintended—is apparently really that hard to find.

It’s pretty typical for companies to offer internal recruiting bonuses to anybody who can bring home a viable applicant that pans out. It wasn’t until recently that media companies started offering up these kinds of bonuses (or at least at decent sizes) when they all started looking for engineers (one company this writer worked for offered up a $1,000 bonus for an iOS programmer to the entire company including editorial employees, which is more than any potential editorial bonus was worth).

But a media company taking the bounty to the public—and to Twitter—isn’t something we’ve seen before…until now:


good tweet e1320182677941 Good Offers $2,500 Bounty to Public for Engineers

This probably isn’t the first time this has ever happened, but it’s one of the first instances we’ve seen of and/or heard of it from such a public, viable brand. For what it’s worth, Good Magazine “partnered” with social networking service Jumo back in August; it was founded in 2006 by a then 26 year-old Ben Goldhirsh (entrepreneur Bernie Goldhirsh’s son) and among their recruits including one Al Gore III, the son of America’s Would-Be President. Despite criticism of their profit models, Good has not only managed to persist, but thrive due in no small part to angel funding and pivoting from being merely a media operation to an “integrated media platform” focused on social causes. They also produce a pretty quality product; between that and their deep pockets, this seems like a smart, crowdsourced version of spending money to make money. Upshot: Don’t be surprised if larger, more prominent media brands follow suit in search of tech talent.

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