Hey, Get Into My Cloud, You

Dispatch Raises $965 K. Because There Are Just Too Many Clouds

dispatch Dispatch Raises $965 K. Because There Are Just Too Many Clouds

Have you identified which cloud the perps are in?

Our personal favorite among this recent crop of TechStars NY startups was Dispatch, mostly because we can relate to the pain point they are trying to solve.  The company gives users a single login and interface for managing their files across all their different cloud hosting services. So I can, for example, bring together all the different music I have on Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music.

The service raised its seed round from a host of New York names, as reported by TechCrunch. The round was led by Thrive Capital with SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, the GroupMe founders, David Tisch, Kal Vepuri and Zelkova Ventures.

Dispatch CEO Jesse Lamb had previously been working as an attorney because, as he told Betabeat, “I got hit by a car.” During the aftermath Mr. Lamb came to know and like his lawyer, and ended up taking that career path for a while. But the startup life, she is a siren.


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