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Betabeat Exclusive: The Groupon Investment Flow Chart!

Well, it’s finally here: Groupon’s sets the price for its IPO tomorrow, and goes public on Friday. Everything everyone has said about the wildly hyped billion-dollar valuations, the competition they face, the backlash to the backlash, and the inner-workings of the company will be put to the test of that mythical, nebulous creature known to the world at large as “The Market.”

As for what you’re going to do about it? Well, Betabeat is here to help.*

Please meet The Groupon Investment Flow Chart:


groupon betabeat chart Betabeat Exclusive: The Groupon Investment Flow Chart!

Click here to enlarge.

[*If we’d talked to a lawyer about this post, he’d probably tell us something like, “Should you be giving investment advice? Are you qualified to give investment advice? Are you actually giving investment advice? The answer to all of these questions and more is ‘Fuck. No.’ Now get out of my office before I sue you for being the dumbest goddamn client I’ve talked to all week.” So we’ll just go with that.]

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  1. Lexiny says:

    You should buy and sell (quickly). Otherwise, it’s an overpriced piece of crock.

  2. guest says:

    FWIW people said the same things about GOOG… I don’t know much about Groupon, but I do know that everyone hates it, which usally means its cheap