Rainn Wilson Made a Very Funny Joke on Twitter Last Night [UPDATED]

rainn dm fail Rainn Wilson Made a Very Funny Joke on Twitter Last Night [UPDATED]

Yesterday we learned that a link in a Gawker post can fetch $175; so how much do you think an A-list television star could get for a tweet? Last night, in between tweets about the McRib being made of people, washing his hair with baby urine, and recovering from the mental image of Bette Midler and Geraldo Rivera having sex, Rainn Wilson tweeted the above.

You can tell this is a joke because:

1) It is funny.
2) Consider that Ashton Kutcher’s tweets are worth 13,000 eyeballs. Consider that most advertising rates for impressions (CPM) usually fall in the sub-$1 range for every thousand. Would you pay Mr. Wilson $12,000 for a tweet?
3) Mr. Wilson has not deleted the tweet.
4) Check your private messages. Have you ever included an @ sign?
5) There is no “Macho Bellgrande Burrito!”

But the real punchline–the Next Web ran with the story under the headline “You Might Never See a DM Fail Quite as Bad as This One.” C’mon, Asia Editor Jon Russell! What about the time a guy named Weiner accidentally tweeted a picture of his wiener?

Apparently, Mashable also picked it up, as did the Boston Herald. Headlines “Rainn Wilson Caught in $12K Tweet For Pay? [VIRAL EMBARRASSMENT]” and “Comedy star’s tweet ‘disses’ taco chain,” respectively.

UPDATE: Mr. Wilson copped to the ploy this morning in a tweet: “Joanne – please call @mashable & let them know they are a bunch of idiots. –Rainn.” Mashable has updated its story.

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