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Paul Ceglia Loses Fifth Lawyer, Marijuana Champion; Gains New Lawyer, Accidental Child Pornographer

paul ceglia Paul Ceglia Loses Fifth Lawyer, Marijuana Champion; Gains New Lawyer, Accidental Child Pornographer


Facebook has been digging up fantastic dirt related to the case of Paul Ceglia, an upstate wood pellet salesman whose fascinating career included hiring Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. First, the social network revealed that Mr. Ceglia had been arrested for felony possession of mushrooms–hardly relevant, but fun!–then it was made known that one of Mr. Ceglia’s attorneys, Jeffrey Lake of San Diego, specializes in medical marijuana cases.


But now that Mr. Lake is attempting to withdraw from the case, an Ohio lawyer will take over. That means another three weeks for the lawsuit which has already gone on for a year-and-a-half and burned through so many legal teams that the media is starting to lose track. (AllThingsD’s Liz Gannes counts Edelson McGuire, which was talking to Mr. Ceglia but never filed anything in court; PaidContent counts Mr. Lake as no. 6. By our count, Mr. Lake was no. 4, not counting Mr. Ceglia’s long-time counsel Paul Argentieri who has represented him from the beginning, making the new hire no. 5.)

And this time, the smear is … kiddie porn!

The L.A. Times reports that in the course of testifying as an expert witness in a child pornography case, Mr. Boland created images of children in order to demonstrate the technology and how images could be manipulated. He used photos of children from the internet. The parents of the children sued him:

This week a federal court handed the plaintiffs a $300,000 summary judgment. Boland said he would appeal the decision but declined to discuss the case.

From experience, we’d bet the LAT owes a hat tip to Facebook and/or its background investigators, the “corporate spies” of Kroll Associates.

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