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Anthony Bourdain Is the Guest Chef at Google New York Today

428611469 Anthony Bourdain Is the Guest Chef at Google New York Today

Chef Bourdain with a visiting Googler. (!/ruidlopes)

Anthony Bourdain was in the kitchen at Google New York today and gave a talk to the Googlers.

Says an eyewitness from Zagat’s:

He talked about Bill Murray, who was on an episode of No Reservations: “If you want to make Ghostbusters 3 and give him 30 million dollars for it…you leave a message and maybe you’ll hear back five years later. You don’t reach out to his people. We were supposed to shoot with someone and it fell through so we called Bill Murray – he showed up the next day. I think he hitch hiked to the scene.”

And, of course, there was the question of whether he’d eat Andrew Zimmern if he were stranded on an island with the TV personality: “He was a good friend. If we’re in a lifeboat long enough and he’s not keeping up on the rowing…Slow braise.” Yum?

Maybe he’ll stop by Occupy Wall Street, too?

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