Oh You Fancy Huh?

A Data Nerd’s Guide to the Spending Habits at Fancy New York Restaurants

perse A Data Nerds Guide to the Spending Habits at Fancy New York Restaurants

via Reuters

In Grub Street column out today, Felix Salmon takes an infographic approach to what people actual throw down for fine dinning in New York City. But the finance writer goes into even more detail over at his Reuters blog.

Using data from a new Made in NYC startup called Bundle, which shows “how people spend and save money,” as well as Zagats, Mr. Salmon displays the mean cost of a restaurant meal (the blue line) as well as the median cost of a meal (the red line).  The data is broken down for some of the city’s ritziest spots, such as Per Se, Megu, Daniel, Babbo, and Mr. Chow.

The Z on the graph marks the amount Zagat thinks an individual is likely to spend on dinner, one drink, tax and tip. As Mr. Salmon notes, the Bundle data is per credit or debit card, which gives a more realistic view of the dent in your wallet after the last glass of port.

Think of it as open government for the foie gras and truffle set.

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