Food Fight

Real Cheap Eats Brings the Lean Startup Approach To Eating (Really) Cheap in NYC

Cow foot soup at Kelso on Franklin via Real Cheap Eats

Startupland has been a big supporter of the techification of foodie culture: Foodspotting and Gojee being two local examples . While the newly-launched Real Cheap Eats may be light on tech, its commitment to Lean Startup principals seems like enough to qualify for the club.

From idea to launch in two weeks with zero funding are stats any techie would be proud of.  Although Betabeat might be biased because we just discovered the intriguing “cow foot soup” is being served steps from our front door.

In an interview on Food and Tech Connect, blogger James Boo explains that the idea came  out of a panel at the Food 2.0 event. Read More

We're Going to be TV Stars

Betabeat Has Started Receiving Submissions to ‘Real Professionals of Silicon Valley’ Reality TV Show


A few weeks ago, we wrote about a new We checked out Mr. Commagere’s LinkedIn, where he lists his specialties as “games” and “viral marketing.” The CEO created or worked on several blockbuster Facebook games, his profile says, including Zombies and Vampires. He was also “a key member of the team that created ‘Causes on Read More

Clickable Raises $12 Million Led By Amex To Ramp Up Social Advertising

Clickable Ceo David Kidder

You can’t fire off a tweet these days without running into some social media expert hoping to sell you advice on how best to advertise and promote your company across social media.

Clickable has mostly been running social media ad campaigns for small and medium size businesses, but it just got a fresh injection of capital from one of its biggest partners. Today Erick Schonfeld reported that AmEx has led a $12 million series C round in Clickable, with original investors like Union Square Ventures and Founder’s Fund re-upping as well. Read More

Occupy Wall Street

Talking to OccupytheBoardRoom.Org: New Site Encourages Getting in Touch with the 1%, Legally

Occupy the Boardroom!

Even if you're not quite sure where you land on the Occupy Wall Street debate (perhaps you are Warren Buffett-type, who believes in capitalism and the markets and even personally bailed out banks, but also believe in the people's right to assemble; or perhaps you just couldn't be bothered to pay attention yet), you still might be interested in, which provides the straightest line from your laptop to the desk of a Citigroup executive.

Read More

Read Me...Later

Instapaper 4.0 Adds Wikipedia, Social Streams and Tablet Native Interface

Wikipedia in the new Instapaper 4.0

Marco Arment is an Apple purist, so it’s natural that the newest release of his popular app, Instapaper 4.0, treats the iPad and the iPhone as distinct devices worthy of their own details.

On his blog Mr. Arment notes, “The iPad browsing interface has been completely redesigned to feel more at home in the iPad environment. Instead of just being a blown-up full-screen list, it’s now a more touch-friendly grid, with all navigation available in any orientation.” Read More

Bitcoin Drama

Price of Bitcoin Still Dropping, Falls Below the Price of Mining


The price of Bitcoin continues to drop by about a dollar every week to ten days, currently settling at about $2.80 USD, and Bitcoin enthusiasts are starting to get worried. “I am not trying to cause a panic here, but the value of Bitcoin has dropped very low today with huge spikes,” one user wrote on the Bitcoin forum on Reddit. “I do suspect it will hit 1 USD mark this week maybe even lower.We need to be discussing thoroughly on promoting Bitcoin and actively putting more effort to spread the message to newer users as I do suspect the popularity is dropping very steeply too.” Read More

The 12 Sexiest TechStars Companies: Demo Day Preview!

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With Demo Day coming up tomorrow, ten out of 11 companies is the number to beat. That’s ratio of startups from TechStars inaugural class that got funded. But keep in mind not everyone had a killer Demo Day. For some, funding didn’t come till a few months down the line. “It’s like the SATs,” one mentor told Betabeat of Demo Day. “Some people are good at testing, some aren’t.”

There’s a lot riding on tomorrow’s event–the funding environment isn’t quite as frothy as it was for TechStarsNY 1.0, and the companies are well aware of that, mentors told Betabeat. “It’s a more fragile period of time than last Demo Day,” said the mentor. “They realize that they gotta be on their game.” As such, companies have been pounding out the decks, practicing demos for each other almost every week.

Perhaps it’s because the cameras aren’t around, or perhaps because TechStars New York is more established, but there’s less ego in this class and fewer type-A personalities. Investors promise that this Demo Day will still have plenty of showmanship and say this season’s TechStars class is fundamentally very solid. Many companies have partnerships; some have revenue. Almost all have raised money or gotten commitments–several New York VCs told us they had invested in at least one of the startups. Two companies won’t even really be raising money, one mentor said, because they don’t need it.”

Curious to know who pivoted and who’s already closed their round? Check out our cheat sheet, get your game face on for tomorrow and pick your ponies in the comments.

Update: SideTour announced their funding today on TechCrunch, a $1.5 million round led by RRE and Foundry Group. We noted in the slideshow they already had their lead investors locked down, but it seems unlikely now they will try to grow their round tomorrow. Read More