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What Did Forbes Leave Out of Its Sean Parker Profile?

sean parker 300x300 What Did Forbes Leave Out of Its Sean Parker Profile?Late last night, Forbes‘ Steven Bertoni, whose beat is “the World’s billionaires, plus entrepreneurs and disruptors,” released a lengthy profile of Sean Parker, nicely pegged to the Facebook F8 conference going on right now, which sadly did not, as @benpopper predicted, announce the rollout of  “brainwave control and inter-species friendships.”

Aside from describing Mr. Parker as “flighty, manic and unpredictable” and noting conflicting stories about Mr. Parker’s departure from Plaxo, the article speaks in reverent tones about Mr. Parker’s “drive to disrupt” and the difference between Aaron Sorkin’s fictionalized version and Mr. Parker IRL.

Boiled down, Sean Parker is a human accelerant, an idea catalyst who, when combined with the right people, has fueled some of the most disruptive companies of the last two decades.

However, Mr. Parker’s Facebook page, where he shared the article, suggested that other insights might have been left on the cutting room floor:

This is a better source article, please share this one! Overall, I’m generally happy with this piece. One can only keep up appearances for so long, and it took Steve, the reporter, quite a bit of time with me to capture all the insights in his article–so he probably saw a lot more of me that he was kind enough to exclude. Please share this far and wide!

Hmm, wonder what we missed.

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  1. CopyEditorSeriously says:

    there’s a typo in the first line. it should say ‘whose’

  2. Steve Bertoni says:

    Did you read my entire “lengthy profile?”
    You seemed to have missed a lot in your summary above.

    Steve Bertoni

    1. Nitasha Tiku says:

      Hi Steve, I did read it. In fact I cut and pasted the entire thing in Word to make it easier since I didn’t see a “single page view/see all” button. I wasn’t trying to summarize it.

      1. Steve Bertoni says:

        Nitasha, let me know what you think I left out. I never saw him brush his teeth so I’m not sure if he’s a Colgate or Crest man. Ditto for the old boxer / brief question. There was an “Eyes Wide Shut” themed party in an abandoned warehouse in Oakland–but that was off the record…