The War on Email

Inbox Heroes: Tips From the Ultimate Gmail Hackers, the Gmail Team Itself

balaz szabos Inbox Heroes: Tips From the Ultimate Gmail Hackers, the Gmail Team Itself

Balázs Szabó, Gmail hacker. (Photo: Google+)

Sarah Price, Gmail’s community manager, weighed in on the first installment of Betabeat’s how-we-email-now series on Google+. She had a few tips–Priority Inbox is highly customizable, she emphasizes–but she pointed us to the ultimate in Gmail mastery: Gmail engineer Balázs Szabó recently up his own Gmail productivity flow. We read it and we were all like, “woah.”

First of all, hello keyboard keyboard shortcuts. “You should learn at least the basics (navigation, compose, send), those are very useful,” Mr. Szabó writes.

Are you familiar with Gmail Snooze? This trick works like the Boomerang extension, hiding emails and blasting them back in your face in one, two or three days.

How about the Star Drafts script? This will star all your half-written emails.

What about the recently-launched offline web app for Gmail? Turn off wifi and you can slay email in peace and quiet.

“The main tool to organize your life around? That would be Gmail,” the engineer writes. “Every task can be expressed as an email which shows up in your inbox.”

Bottom line: Gmail is everything.

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