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Facebook Plans to Schmooze Advertisers With Its Madison Avenue Startup Decor

markzuckerberg Facebook Plans to Schmooze Advertisers With Its Madison Avenue Startup Decor

This way to the arcade.

Brush up on your ping-pong skills, advertisers, you’re about to get to get the Silicon Valley treatment.

With Advertising Week poised to take New York City, the New York Times reports that the sales and marketing teams of internet behemoths like Yahoo, Google, Apple, and yes Facebook are poised to make good on their Manhattan real estate investments. Although Twitter’s new Madison Avenue digs somehow don’t warrant a mention.

Rather than flying big brands out to the West Coast, they’ve set up shop in the Flatiron (Apple’s new iAd division), Times Square (Yahoo’s new digs), Madison Avenue (Facebook and Twitter are new neighbors), and don’t forget the Googleplex East on Eighth.

Those companies will be on display at Advertising Week’s 200 events with panels on mobile connectivity, online privacy and social networking, but the real ticket are the baller office parties to entertain clients as the digital world goes searching for their one guaranteed revenue stream: ad dollars. Yahoo has purple conference rooms and door pulls in the shape of exclamation points and Google has a heli pad and, Betabeat’s persona favorite, a food truck that sells a mean knockoff of the Momofuku compost cookie.

But Facebook is playing up the startup vibe:

The company’s new office evokes a kind of romanticized view of a Silicon Valley start-up, including an open bar, video games and threadbare couches that reflect the dorm-room sensibilities of the roughly 100 employees who work there.

“When you get to that critical point in terms of the number of employees,” said Carolyn Everson, the vice president for global direct sales, “we like to have a look and feel similar to how Facebook looks and feels in Palo Alto and Singapore and London. And with this market — where we’re all on Madison Avenue and entertaining and meeting with clients every day — we wanted to have a proper presence. And we just weren’t able to do that in the limited space that we had across the street.”

We hope the gift bags include hoodies.




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