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Chelsea Clinton, Tech Advisor? The Former First Daughter Joins the Board of IAC

220px chelsea clinton Chelsea Clinton, Tech Advisor? The Former First Daughter Joins the Board of IAC

Board members say ay-oh! (via Wikimedia)

It looks like companies like College Humor, Vimeo,, and Newsweek/Daily Beast could soon be getting business advice from American royalty.

The Financial Times reports that 31-year-old Chelsea Clinton isn’t too busy with her graduate studies at Oxford or work at the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative to join the board at digital media powerhouse IAC over at the “big white frosty” building on West 18th. She’ll be the youngest member of IAC’s board by seven years, joining heavyweights like Michael Eisner and Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman of Warner Music Group or as we like to think of him, MIA’s future father-in-law.

We’d also like to wish the former hedgie, who worked at both McKinsey and Avenue Capital, a warm welcome to startupland–and business caz.

It seems the same whispers about a last name that opens doors have followed Ms. Clinton into the digital sphere. When she joined Avenue back in 2006, the Wall Street Journal points out, “There was crowing about how Avenue Capital founders Marc Lasry and Sonia Gardner had both donated to Mrs. Clinton’s New York Senate re-election campaign.”

In the case of IAC, the Journal notes that Barry Diller, now IAC’s chairman, supported both Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid. The FT also points that Mr. Diller’s wife often dresses both the ladies Clinton for public events. But there’s another connection: Tina, who featured Hillary on her first covers for both Talk and Newsweek and succumbed to nineties nostalgia in the Daily Beast on the occasion of Chelsea’s recent nuptials.

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