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Breaking: People Who Like Pretty Clothes Also Like Pretty Pictures

instagram Breaking: People Who Like Pretty Clothes Also Like Pretty Pictures

via the Instagram Tumblr

The editorial set at Fashion Week may be irked with Tumblr right now, but Instagram is apparently still this season. The lightweight photo-tinkering and sharing app gives drab smartphone images a dreamy, glossy edge–no professional photog necessary. Which might be why editrix, bloggers, and publicists have been uploading images by the thousands.

As the Wall Street Journal notes:

“There are Instagram images of runway shots, backstage peeks, and plenty of more mundane objects. Oscar de la Renta’s Instagram account posted a photo of a pin cushion. Leandra Medine, who runs the fashion blog The Man Repeller, has been snapping her own outfits and accessories. ‘I Instagram everything from newborn babies to pizza pies to new Alexander Wang shoes,’ Ms. Medine says. ‘My life is significantly more attractive in X-Pro.'”

We have a feeling another part of the appeal for that crowd is the social aspect, which lets you show off images on your Instagram stream to your followers that can be commented and liked. Front row seats at Oscar de la Renta? Pics or it didn’t happen.
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