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Aviary Launches New Mobile SDK and Poaches Microsoft Exec for Biz Dev

paul murphy aviary Aviary Launches New Mobile SDK and Poaches Microsoft Exec for Biz Dev

Paul Murphy - VP of Business Development at Aviary

Hot on the heels of their successful hack day, Aviary launched a mobile SDK today to embed their photo editing tools into mobile apps. They launched with 31 partners including Picplz, Pictour, Pixable, Piictu, Getaround, Fashism, Yumalicious, Minus and iSocialize.

“Right now it’s all about distribution for us,” says Aviary’s Biz Dev artiste, Alex Taub. “We want to get this in the hands of as many developers as possible, then monetize down the line with premium tools and services.”

To that end Aviary has just hired Paul Murphy, an eight year vet of Microsoft, who prior to Aviary was chief of staff for Office, Redmond’s largest division.

“I’ve always been passionate about the startup space and I wanted to find a great team with good investors,” Mr. Murphy told Betabeat by phone. “Photos are a part of so many mobile apps these days. My job is to take us to the next level, to help Aviary figure out where the rubber meets the road.”

Betabeat doesn’t know much about rubber roads, but it seems like Aviary is making a big push to expand its developer base and business partnerships.

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